New Day Festival Part 3 – Sunday 27th August 2017

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House of X (X UFO)

As we pulled up for our third day of the wonderful New Day Festival, The Mott The Dog Team were still amazed at the English weather being so kind to us with another day starting out without a cloud in the sky. As with the promptness we had come to expect from The New Day Festival organizers, the doors opened at the appointed Midday. True Deceivers can hold their heads up after delivering a set of fine Rootsy Americana, and Chris Conway & Dan Britton took to the stage on the Shindig Stage. After which Opensight took aim from the Spitfire stage with their energetic take with the global music.

We settled back on the supplied Hay Bails outside the Spitfire Beer Tent awaiting the Wooton. He was late; getting caught up in

Laurence Archer, House of X (X UFO)

the Kent country roads, but fortunately we were not penalized for this and still having our trusty previously bought beakers with us sampled more of the Kentish Ales, The Mott The Dog Bag Man, Curry switching between ales like a puppy dog scouring out a favorite tree whilst the actual Mott the Dog had found his brew and was sticking to it.

But then the Wooten turned up to complete the Mott The Dog Trio and increase the beer sales at the New Day Festival by quite a margin. It was fortuitous timing as we were able to maneuver our way to the front of the Shindig! stage for House of X (or X – UFO which ever you please). This suddenly grabbed everybody’s attention and sent the New Day Festival a Rockin’. The Band derive their name as at one time or another all of them have been in UFO or a derivative of. Although they do play some UFO songs they also play their own songs which fit in well with the sound as well as songs they wrote whilst in the mother band. Now this band rock out to extremes.

Laurence Archer is a gifted Lead Guitarist rocking a Flying V Axe whilst Danny Peyronel is one of the great underrated singers of his era. Although a pair of Sunglasses would of helped him with the Sun. They blasted onto the stage and did not let up. When it came to the last song they played a master stroke by bringing on Dave ‘ Bucket’ Caldwell for Doctor Doctor. If The New Day Festival had a roof it would have been raised several feet.


This brought Home Service to the stage which left us all rather confused so we again returned to the Beer Tent (there is a theme building here). Jackie McAuley took to the Shindig! stage and delivered his very professional brand of Rock. Then came Gryphon. I was not expecting great things as Richard Harvey, long time leader of the Band, had left and thought they might be a bit of a mess without him. Never have I been more mistaken they were magnificent playing their unique brand of Medieval Rock. The standard of musicianship was not matched all weekend as Gryphon ploughed on with one banquet after another they held the audience in the palm of their hands and held them their firmly but carefully. The got a fully deserved ecstatic reception as they left the stage.

This left us with Dennis Greaves & Mark Feltham who for years were the backbone of Nine Below Zero. I do not think it is fair to judge them on this performance as I think they were rather out of place and had an off day. Not their finest hour.

Moving back to the Spitfire stage we got a full on performance from those Dutch men Focus, a sterling performance encompassing full tilt Rock, Jazz, Prog/Rock, Cosmic Flute, Lots of Yodeling, and of course Sylvia and two goes at Hocus Pocus. They proved them selves to be Festival favorites.


Then it was a mad dash up to the Shindig! Stage to see Slade. Dave Hill, Head Yob Guitar Player of the century admitted from the stage he was Seventy One years old, but that did not matter one jot, as the band rampaged through an hour and fifteen minutes of solid gold misspelled hits. They have found a replacement singer for Noddy Holder, but that did not really matter either as we the crowd knew all the words anyway and sang along louder than the band. They had the Amps, but we had the Numbers. What a Party. The whole crowd and audience were as one all dancing, singing, stomping along for all the time Slade were on the stage.

The Final Band to take the stage at The New Day Festival were The New Model Army, they had an unenviable job following Slade and quite honestly were not up to it. So again it was an early exit to your Tent or other accommodation.

But all in all a fantastic success at the New Day Festival. I wonder who they will get on the Bill for next year ???

Written by Mott The Dog
Photos by Strang the Steward
Mott The Dog can still be found spouting off about the wonders of the New Day Festival at Jameson’s the Irish pub on Soi AR in North Pattaya.

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