The New Day Festival Part 1 – Friday 25th August 2017

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The New Day Festival was a first for Mott The Dog. In previous years We have been to the other Kent Festival, Ramblin’ Man at Mote Park, Maidstone. For V.I.P. Tickets at Ramblin’ Man we are talking over four hundred pounds for three days, whereas the New Day Festival just squeezed over the hundred pound mark for three days.

New Day Festival Camping

New Day Festival Camping

There was no V.I.P. tickets at The New Day Festival, we were all treated as V.I.P’s. Upon our arrival all fears of it being a poor man’s version of Ramblin’ Man were put behind us as there were plenty of Stewards to show you where to go, a pleasant walk through a field and then the cricket pitch which had been turned into one of the camp sites for the weekend, and the Ticket Office was remarkably efficient. So armed with our fluorescent green wrist tags we gained entry, manned by the genial Stewards who were accompanied by Gurkhas to check on security so it was not only effective but quick. Very reassuring.

The New Day Festival is set up on two sloping fields with stages at the bottom, beer tents at the top and everything else in-between. The site is surrounded by gorgeous, lush green Kent Country side and is so picturesque, if nothing else you could just sit in the field and enjoy the scenery.

There was also every food stall imaginable from Fish & Chips to a very good Thai Food Stall, as well as a wonderful Kentish Cheese Shop. The beer tents were overflowing with locally made real ales. The ‘Real Ale’ tent at the Spitfire Stage had a selection of beers from many small Breweries from the area whilst the beer tent at the Shindig! Stage was for the wonderful beers from Shepherd & Neame. The Festival had also employed proper bar staff, not the usual habit of just putting up a sign for ‘Bar Staff’ and allocating on a first come, first given the job terms. This meant for quick and friendly service something to be recommended at all such events. There were also enough, clean, serviceable toilets to accommodate twice as many people who turned up to this well run deservedly sold out event.

Del Bromham

Del Bromham

But there was more of course on Friday starting promptly at 2.00 pm on the Shindig! Stage we had a band called Rockin’ The Joint and that’s exactly what they did. Immediately after this we went right to the very front of the Spitfire Stage to watch the wondrous Strawbs (Acoustic) play a wonderful set to really set the tone for the weekend. Then going from stage to stage we were treated to short sharp sets from Paradise 9, Pearl Handled Revolver and the up and coming Rockin’ Tommy Justice. Then on the Spitfire stage we were treated to a Virtuoso performance of Rock’n’Roll Guitar from Del Bromham and his Blues Devils, who eventually included most of Pearl Handled Revolver. Del Bromham made plenty of mention of Thailand during his set. A real master class, pity there was not time for a Stray song or two.

Dr Feelgood were next up and faired well whilst sticking to the more popular Dr Feelgood standards, but veered a little off course when attempting stretched out jams on Rhythm and Blues standards. Do what the crowd wants boys would be my answer. As King King had to pull out at the last minute due to illness we were then treated to the talents of Kas Hawkins and her Band, without doubt the voice of the Festival and a great surprise to many people, who had no idea who she was. Nonetheless she was given a rousing welcome and a warm reception.

The Strawbs

The Strawbs

The two Headline spots were still to be played, as firstly the Martin Barre Band took to the stage to play some note perfect rocked out versions of Jethro Tull Songs, Beatles covers and band compositions. The band were so tight it was a joy to watch and the whole Shindig field was packed for this treat of a musician and his band pulling out all the stops in a faultless set. Vocalist Dan Crisp is a real find and easily sings the songs made famous by the singer in Martin Barre’s previous band (he even looks like a younger clean shaven Ian Anderson). A unqualified success.

Last on the Spitfire stage were Big Country who are sadly not everybody’s cup of tea and obviously not to many people’s choice here as even with the use of the Big Stage and a full light show, Big Country floundered on the day and most headed towards the camp site or their lift home well before then end. But all in all a great opening Day.

Written By: Mott the Dog.
Photo’s By: Strang The Steward.
Mott The Dog can often be found in his Kennel with a glazed look on his face dreaming of a New Day Festival in Jameson’s, Soi Ar, North Pattaya.

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