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Rip It Up, Thunder. Some albums grow on you over time and the more you play them the more you like them. Not this beauty from Britain’s present most popular Rock band Thunder.

Thunder Rip It UpThunder grew out of the ashes of a Popular Pop/Rock band called Terraplane and formed in 1989 releasing their first album Backstreet Symphony in 1990, reaching Number 21 on the British Charts and then opened the main Stage in 1990 at the Monsters of Rock at Donington. Their rocket ride to success seemed assured.

But somehow the next step up the ladder seemed to elude them. Success was assured in Britain where they sold out annual tours but, apart from Japan, the rest of the world seemed oblivious.

In 2000 in desperation they folded and decided to try new avenues. On reflection this idea was decided to be a mistake and the Group hastily reconvened in 2002 and carried on, hoping for that elusive big break, but again after seven more years it was decided to call it quits. This time they meant it.

Then, in 2011, The High Voltage Festival run by Classic Rock magazine and other powers that be, implored Thunder to come back for one last hurrah, No New Album, No Long Term Plans, just get out there and rock. It was a beautiful Sunny English Summer day. Thunder were third on the bill beneath Black Country Communion and Dream Theater. They Rocked. Not only did they steal the day they stole the whole festival. Thunder were back with a Bang. Thunder Rip It Up

From this point on Lead Singer Danny Bowes took over the management and lead them from strength to strength. Hand picking what gigs they would play, mostly mid table  Summer festivals and joining Big package Tours with other Big Names who could use Thunder to add seat bookings. Plus of course long Christmas headline tours.

Then came the question….was there enough interest for a new Thunder album? An album was recorded and released in 2015 and Wonder Years was an instant success reaching Number 9 in the British Charts, with many of the numbers slipping straight into Thunder’s well worn live set list. Two years later and we have another album, RIP It Up. It is even better than Wonders Years. Thunder could now do a set with only songs from their last two albums and nobody would leave unhappy. How many of today’s modern bands could say that?

The album opens with three absolute belters that are guaranteed to rip you out your seat and get you dancing. Opener, No One Gets Out Of Here Alive has a repetitive opening riff from the twin guitars of Luke Morley and Ben Matthews before Danny Bowes rips out the opening lyric of “ I’m Not Going To Live Forever, But That’s Alright My Me.” As the rest of the Band’s rhythm section come crashing in, keeping the up tempo beat.

Thunder Rip It UpNext is the title track followed by another rocker which carry on in similar fashion. Before the tempo is brought down by the moving ballad, Right From The Start which leaves you in no doubt that Danny Bowes prowess as a singer just keeps on growing. The album carries on with more Rockers and Groovers until the final moving ballad, There’s Always a Loser.

Thunder have released an incredible Eleven Studio Albums, Twenty Nine Live Albums plus countless DVDs and Compilations. But I think Rip It Up will push them over the top to the success they deserve.

By Mott The Dog and Hells Bells
Photos by The Mistress of the Lens Harpic Bryant of Breezeridge Photography



Thunder are:
Danny Bowes – Vocals
Luke Morley – Guitar and Vocals
Ben Matthews – Guitar and Vocals
Chris Childs – Bass Guitar
Gary ‘Harry’ James – Drums

No One gets Out Of Here Alive
Rip It Up
She like Cocaine
Right From The Start
Heartbreak Hurricane
In Another Life
The Chosen One
The Enemy Inside
Tumbling Down
There’s Always A Loser

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