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Loud Hailer Jeff BeckLoud Hailer, Jeff Beck’s first album in Six years since Emotions and Commotions. What a dramatic change in direction too (what a surprise from this man of surprises).

Back to being more of a Rock album with No Cover versions. Jeff Beck is adept at covering great songs remember his version of A Day in The Life by the Beatles? It is not a rock album like back in the bad old days of Beck, Bogart & Appice (1973) Not to say that was a bad album ,just an album of it’s time. But a Rock album none the less with sculptured songs and aggressive guitar work.
It is an an album of the Love of Power, and the Power of Love.

In Jeff Beck’s own words seeing the state the world has got itself into and not being able to contain his emotions over the events . He felt he had to at least say something with his given talent.
“I really wanted to make a statement about some of the nasty things I see going on in the World today , and I love the idea of being at a rally and using the Loud Hailer to shout my point of view.”
This objective is more than achieved with a great album. Rosie Bones has been employed as the Front Girl for the album and she sings with such charm that you feel yourself willing her to be right. Her singing is at the front of every song , which in no way detracts from Jeff Becks playing right along side her. Centre Piece of the album is a song called Right Now about the Youth of Today, Co-written by Jeff Beck at 72 . The Lyrics scream at you.

Sign up for fame and sign up for money.
They don’t want to work. They think it’s funny.
Famously famous For nothing at all .
Perfectly packaged, No distinguishing feature.
You Plastic , Fantastic pretty little Creature.
I want it Right Now, Right Now.

Strong lyrics, but overall not as strong as the music that backs it all up. Jeff Beck is the master of the guitar all the way through. Probably not the greatest Rock ’n’ Roll Guitarist these days, but witLoud Hailer Jeff Beckhout a shadow of a doubt the Greatest Electric guitarist on this Planet of ours making the guitar wail, scream and talk like no one else can. As well as being backed by the amazing Rosie Bones who surely has a huge career ahead of her, Jeff Beck has also pulled around him a crack team to play this collection of songs.

The band consisted of Carmen Vandenberg on guitar, David Sollazzi on Drums and Giovanni Pallutti on Bass, all masters of their class. You’ll notice for the first time in simply ages, no keyboards.

Jeff Beck is always best listened to in the live environment , but Loud Hailer is as close as it gets to perfection in the studio . Long may the music pour out of him. For the latest Live experience listen to Jeff Beck Live +

Written by Hells Bells and Mott The Dog

The Revolution will be Televised
Live in The Dark
Pull It
Thugs Club
Pull It For The Children
Right Now
The Ballad Of The Jersey Wives
O.I.L. (Can’t Get Enough Of That)

Jeff Beck – Guitar
Carmen Vandenberg – Guitar
Rosie Bones – Vocals
David Sollazzi – Drums
Giovanni Pallutti – Bass

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