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The Endless River was released by Pink Floyd in 2014 in a way completing the circle.

Pink Floyd Endless River

Pink Floyd were formed in 1965 with Syd Barrett as Guitarist, Singer and Chief Songwriter, after one album and two brilliant Singles he left the band for the life of a recluse, becoming the first high profile Rock ’n’ Roll Causality. Roger Waters was on Bass guitar and took over the lyric writing, David Gilmour had been drafted into the Band in 1967 to support an ailing Syd Barrett and then became a full time member when Syd Barrett left in 1968, Nick Mason happily played the Drums all the time there was a Pink Floyd. Rick Wright was the keyboard player who Roger Waters found surplus to requirements during the recording of The Wall in 1979 so fired his old school friend and co-founder of the Band, not a very nice thing to do. But when Roger Waters himself left the Band in 1985, believing the Band to be a spent force and would fold without his leadership, well he had not reckoned without the determination and drive of David Gilmour who kept Dave Mason in the drum seat, recalled Rick Wright to the Keyboards and carried on. After a lengthy and bitter court battle, David Gilmour won the rights to keeping the Pink Floyd name and carried on with two more albums, massive World Wide Tours in Mega stadiums whilst Roger Waters was left trying to fill up small theatres. Who says there is no such thing as Karma.

Both Studio albums released by the David Gilmour led Pink Floyd were smash hits. Momentary Lapse of Reason in 1987 and Division Bell in 1994. The Concert Tours were the must have tickets for the accompanying tours and the Double Live albums that went with the tours, The Delicate Sound of Thunder in 1988 and Pulse in 1995 were amongst the Highest selling live Double albums ever.
But after this it was presumed by many that Pink Floyd had simply retired. Sadly in 2008 Rick Wright passed away of cancer and that was that.

Until rumors started spreading of some instrumental music that was still lying around in cases in David Gilmour’s recording Studios on a house boat . No songs as such just sounds , more ambient tunes and half ideas if you like.

Pink Floyd Endless RiverA Think tank was assembled on the House Boat and ideas began to form and possibilities started to become realities. With David Gilmour as Musical Ring Master and friends Andy Jackson the Sound Engineer from the Division Bell sessions, Some Tape decks, Nick Mason, Youth, Guy Pratt the Pink Floyd Bass player, Phil Manzanera a good friend of David Gilmour and of course Lead guitarist with Roxy Music. Pieces of Music started to come together. There is only one song with lyrics on the album the final song Louder than Words, with lyrics by Polly Sampson now Mrs. Gilmour, plus some spoken word from Rick Wright explaining the original dynamics of the Band to start the album off, and words of wisdom from Stephen Hawkins . Some wonderful Keyboard playing from the Organ at the Royal Albert Hall from Rick Wright in 1968 were found and slotted in and all of a sudden you had this inspiring albums. The aforementioned Organ from the Royal Albert Hall and David Gilmour’s emotional solo to finish off Louder Than Words or when David Gilmour lets his guitar soar away on the wings of a bird on Anisina really bring goose bumps to your skin.

Thank Goodness the time was taken to put together was has now become my favorite Pink Floyd album. It is best played in its entirety in the morning.

Pink Floyd on this album were:
Rick Wright – Keyboards and Spoken Words
David Gilmour – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Nick Mason – Drums and Percussion
Guy Pratt – Bass Guitar
Phil Manzanera – Guitar
Youth and Andy Jackson – General Genius

Things Left Unsaid
It’s What We Do
Ebb & Flow
The Lost Art Of Conversation
On Noodle Street
Allons-Y 1
Autumn 68
Allons-Y 2
Talkin Hawkin
Eyes of pearls
Louder Than Words

Words by Mott The Dog and Hells Bells

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